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March 2023 will see a significant milestone in our history.

The very first issue of Filey Bay Today was published in March 2013. YES, we are about to enter double figures, our preteens (hopefully the boss won’t be as stroppy this time round). Has anyone still got a copy of that issue? Needless to say I have one in the archives!

Every year we celebrate our birthday by giving away the profits from our wonderful advertiser’s to local groups and organisations. We also approach other businesses to ask if they wish to put in a Christmas Message to their customers in our December Edition and make a donation for doing so.

All the money collected from these donations goes into the pot to be distributed in our birthday grants.

To make our 10th birthday go with a bang we have started our annual round of calls to ask for these messages and donations. It’s incredibly difficult to ask businesses to give contributions when the times are so uncertain and there are so many occasions when they dig deep to support all the fund-raising activities that take place throughout the year.

To those of you who have already “been got” thank you so much for your support, the rest watch out the 'little old lady will be calling!'

Or if you prefer you can email or to make arrangements for a visit to suit you.

New businesses requiring more details please get in touch. We are determined to make our 10th birthday grants the biggest yet.

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