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Filey Bay Today Birthday Grants 2024

Applications Open!

Thanks to the very generous response to the Christmas Message Feature in our December edition we received a record amount in donations, in excess of £1,400. This we will add to our profits from sales and advertising to allow us to give monies back to community groups and organisations in our Annual Birthday Grants.

Throughout the past year we have featured feedback from some of the grant recipients who have given us an insight into the benefits our grants have brought to their organisations. From plants supplied to Bloom Groups to first aid kits for the Football Club, we have contributed to a variety products/training/advertising that organisations need to continue to provide a service for the community we love.

So now it’s over to YOU.

Is there something needed to improve your organisations activities? Does your club need some equipment? We welcome repeat applications even if you feel that, as past recipients, you aren’t eligible. You know the old saying “if you don’t ask you don’t get!” Please ask.

Applications close on 21st February 2024.

Eligibility criteria:

a)     Groups/Organisations must be a registered not for profit or charitable organisation such as a, Community Interest Group, Charitable Incorporated Organisation, church or religious group, voluntary sports organisations.  Proof may be asked for.

b)     Applications can be for the full amount of the project or part of match funding.  Grants awarded are usually up to £500.  We cannot guarantee that grants will be funded to the full amount.

c)     Funding requested must be used on the project outlined in the application form.  If this is no longer viable and you wish to use it for something else, this must be brought back to the committee to be agreed.

d)     Applicants agree to being contacted during the year to share the impact of the grant, this may be done at a specific time of the year, depending on the nature of the grant (for example to tie in with promotion or if the grant is for an activity at a specific time of the year).

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