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The Odyssey: A Geolocation Adventure on the Yorkshire Coast

An ancient story of love, war and adventure featuring regional performers to engage audiences in Yorkshire’s coastal locations.

During the last lockdown, storytellers, performers and composers from the Yorkshire Coast have been involved in an ambitious new project to reinvent one of the greatest stories ever told. The first episode of their tale will be released as a series of geolocation trails for visitors and communities along the coast on Monday 10th May.

‘The Odyssey - An Epic Adventure on the Yorkshire Coast’ is the creation of Scarborough based theatre company, Animated Objects. This three-year project is reinventing Homer’s classic works The Iliad and The Odyssey; setting them in the near future; with the coast providing the dramatic landscape for a wide range of activities. Future events include touring exhibitions; giant puppets; and a world record attempt with the creation of Yorkshire’s own version of the Trojan horse.

The first episode: ‘The Gathering Storm’ tells the story of how the Trojan wars began. Listeners are invited to enter into this world of ancient Gods and epic battles on their smartphones or digital devices; with the story being triggered by GPS when entering a storytelling area. It will be available in over 25 different locations along the coast as a free roaming story to be enjoyed at a relaxed pace, and with a number of ‘discovery trails’ in larger towns where chapters lead visitors from one location to another to introduce them to areas they may not have explored before.

Lee Threadgold, artistic director of Animated Objects said: “We’re really excited to be bringing the first part of the story to people along the coast by geolocation. We’ve written and produced the audio story specifically to be enjoyed in the open air, and we’ve chosen locations that showcase the natural beauty of this incredible region. People often ask us ‘why the Odyssey?’, and our reply is simple: the story of the Trojan wars and Odysseus’ journey home is an ambitious undertaking. It has plenty of dramatic opportunities for communities spread across over 100 miles of coastline and surrounding countryside to get involved in telling this epic tale. Some elements may be familiar to many; such as the Trojan horse and Achilles’ heel, but there will be plenty of surprises too. It celebrates the ever changing nature of the sea; while celebrating the communities that live here. And where better to listen to a drama than when looking at the sea?”

The story was recorded during lockdown in a number of different locations while observing social distancing rules. This proved a challenge in itself, as individual performers in many cases have never met. Following many hours in production, these individual talents have been brought together to realise this ancient narrative.

‘The Gathering Storm’ will be followed in the autumn by episode two: ‘The Trojan Wars’.

The story is available free on the Echoes Interactive Sound Walks app from the App Store or Google Play. Look for walks in your area if on the Yorkshire Coast, or search for ‘The Odyssey’ by Animated Objects.

The walks go live from Monday 10th May.

The story of ‘The Odyssey - an Epic Adventure on the Yorkshire Coast’ will be the framework for a number of live events, exhibitions and workshops. The project is funded by the Yorkshire Coast BID; creating opportunities for people to discover, explore and enjoy the coast throughout the year.

For more information visit or follow on social media @animatedobjects

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