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Local RSPCA branch see rise in financial assistance required locally

As the trustees of the RSPCA Scarborough & District Branch prepare for their annual general meeting next month, they reflect on the challenges faced over the last few years. Providing financial assistance to the veterinary treatment of local animals in need has continued to grow year on year whereas neutering contributions have remained steady. An increase in the number of people now owning pets and themore recent financial strain many are feeling has likely contributed to this increase in the requirement for welfare vouchers.

The coordinators have noticed more of the animals being signed over now require medical intervention and rehabilitation before they are ready to be rehomed. As pets get older, in many cases their owners struggle to pay for increased vet bills and treatment and sadly we have also seen an increase in senior animals coming in. These are often harder to find homes for but we ensure they are the treated and based on individual circumstances work with the adoptersto make sure medication costs are covered if necessary.

The branch is only able to contribute and provide its services locally thanks to its dedicated members and supporters who not only donate and shop in the charity shop on Aberdeen Walk, Scarborough but also contribute by volunteering and fundraising on our behalf. All of these efforts mean we cancontinue as a local charity to ensure all funds raised are also used locally to support animals in need.

If you would like to learn more about the work we have done over the year, please come and join us for our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 8th June at 7.00 p.m. at the Falsgrave Community Resource Centre on Seamer Road.

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