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The Odyssey may have started in Greece, but it’s found its home on the Yorkshire Coast!

‘The Odyssey – An Epic Adventure on the Yorkshire Coast’ is back with its next major instalment - the Survivor project, and it’s set to be the best one yet!

Following the success of previous years and The Trojan Wars exhibition which attracted over 1,000 visitors, the Odyssey’s next instalment of this epic adventure is set to be bigger than ever in Bridlington, Filey, Hornsea, Scarborough, Whitby and Withernsea this Spring!

The Odyssey project has been brought to life on film and as an audio app, featuring over 500 members of the resident and business community. It showcases the people and voices of the Yorkshire Coast which positions The Odyssey as one of the biggest event series taking place in a coastal area. The Odyssey may have started in Greece, but it’s found its home on the Yorkshire Coast.

Animated Objects, known for large-scale events with larger-than-life puppets and lantern parades, unveiled the true scale of the next instalment, ‘The Survivor’, which when completed will stand at a towering five meters tall, and will bring to life the story of a survivor of conflict in the Trojan Wars. She starts her journey washed up on a shore unfamiliar to her. She is lost; frightened and alone!

The project will welcome {her} in each town with artworks, music, and spoken word as she arrives. She will then be taken of a tour through coastal towns to explore her surroundings and offered shelter along the journey. Her name will be revealed as part of the live events.

This incredible visual performance tells the tale of a ‘The Survivor’, a teenage girl displaced by war and conflict. From the moment she washes up on the shore; is rescued; and treated with kindness; to her being parade along the coast, and receiving a warm welcome from residents, the performance tells every inch of her story.

The Survivor will be visiting the coast in April and May

• Sat 30th April - Hornsea

• Sunday 1st May - Whitby

• Monday 2nd May - Filey (Bank Holiday)

• Friday 6th May - Bridlington, South Bay

• Saturday 7th May - Scarborough South Bay

The Survivor will tour the Yorkshire Coast BID area on an open topped bus, passing through rural locations between Spurn Point and Staithes on Sunday 8th May.

Speaking of the Yorkshire Coast BID’s involvement in the project, Kerry Carruthers, Chief Executive said, “The scale of this project and the public involvement led by Animated Objects, is what brings this to life. This event series would not have been possible without the many hundreds of residents, businesses and community organisations taking this to their hearts. It makes Homer’s Odyssey feel as if it always had the Yorkshire Coast in mind.

“It has been fantastic to be involved with such a creative project and see it come to life over the last three years. We’re going to be documenting the journey with behind-the-scenes footage and filming snippets of the activity to show the scale and hard work that has gone into this project.”

Dawn Dyson-Threadgold from Animated Objects said: “We have such an incredible coastline and countryside and that’s why we’ve chosen to set such an epic tale in this unique and dramatic landscape. The tale of ‘The Survivor’ is beautiful , relevant and important, which shows the kindness all people should be treated with. The performances will really help bring the stories to life, and culture to the coast. Keep an eye out for even more to come!”

Will you be there to welcome ‘The Survivor’?

For more information visit or follow them on social media @animatedobjects.

To find out more about the Yorkshire Coast BID, please visit:

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