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Small Talks Can Make a Big Difference this Mental Health Awareness Week

In today's fast-paced world, we need to remember the importance of connecting with one another through small talk - a form of conversation not to be underestimated, as small talks can be the key to unlocking discussions that make a big difference to our mental health.

From Monday 15 May, YMCA Yorkshire Coast is urging everyone across the coast to reach out and connect by starting small but meaningful conversations with friends, colleagues and the broader community as part of their Small Talks, Big Difference initiative.

The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 is anxiety. At YMCA Yorkshire Coast we are using this opportunity to host activities and events to raise awareness of mental health and tackle the persistent stigma surrounding it.

Tea Talks are opportunities to just have a cuppa and small talk with our volunteers. We also have staff on hand to signpost people to further support if they wish. There is no charge, we bring the drinks.

Tea Talks are taking place:

· Monday 15th May 2023 – Eastfield Library – 10am-1pm

· Tuesday 16th May 2023 – Bridlington Community Hub – 10am-12pm

· Wednesday 17th May 2023 – YMCA Scarborough – 10am-1pm

· Thursday 18th May 2023 – Whitby Pavilion – 10am-1pm

· Friday 19th May 2023 – Filey YMCA Shop – 10am-1pm

All of us can experience anxiety. Many factors can contribute to this often debilitating feeling, such as exam pressure, relationships, or significant life events, in addition to money-related issues such as heating our homes or purchasing food due to the continuing costs of living crisis.

Many of us still hesitate to be open about our feelings and experiences. YMCA Yorkshire Coast’s Small Talks initiative aims to inspire people to break the silence and remove barriers to significantly enhance wellbeing for all.

Liam Downey, General Manager of YMCA Yorkshire Coast said:

“It is essential that this Mental Health Awareness Week, we remember that anxiety is not a weakness or a personal flaw, and that we support those struggling with anxiety by showing empathy and understanding. Together, we can break the stigma and create a more compassionate community for those living with anxiety.

“We hope that by offering a safe space and a listening ear over a cup of tea, we can foster an atmosphere of positivity in our community and bring about meaningful change. We believe that even the simplest of conversations can have a significant impact, proving that small talk can make a big difference.”

YMCAs connect more than 36,000 young people with someone to talk to or a helping hand, offering specialist guidance and practical skills to equip them best to overcome whatever challenges they may face.

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